Interdisciplinary Conference: “How Do we Tell the Children?”

Lectures, Papers and Workshops hosted by the Chaplaincy and a Concert in Bishop Grosseteste University Chapel, Lincoln
at Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln

‘Death and Dying’ has almost disappeared from everyday life. They are hidden away in hospitals or hospices and often take place away or outside the inner family circle and yet, we have to learn to cope and live with loss. In contemporary society the Death Café movement and organisations such as Dying Matters aim to raise awareness about death and dying: we need to prepare for the ends of our lives. Death once so ‘familiar’ (Ariès 1974) has become the biggest threat of our life. Why do we now fear it so much? Can we make talking about death and dying any easier?

We hold an annual conference to bring together members of the public, practitioners, creative artists and scholars working across the arts, humanities, and sciences, whose work, research and working/creative practices relate to death and dying.

Our intention is to explore how approaches to mortality and the afterlife have changed since the early modern period – as reflected in the literature, art, history and sciences, as well as in funereal and mourning practices and rituals.

Our aim is to engage with a difficult topic academically as well as creatively and through conversation. We do not offer any solutions or remedies.

Revd Dr Peter Green, Dean of Chapel, Bishop Grosseteste University

Dr Sibylle Erle, Reader in English Literature, Bishop Grosseteste University

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